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Committed to meet the varied and diverse requirements of our numerous clients.

  Ensure that our expertise is used to meet customers needs everytime.

  We are committed to developing and implementing the best manufacturing technology through continous innovations through Research and Development.

  We are committed to minimise the extent of impact of chemical manufacturing on our environment.

  We are committed to introduce new and better products continuously through R & D while improving on the existing ones and to pass on the benefits so derived to you our valued customer.

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 Company History

Deccan Colour and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. was born of the visionary foresight of its founding director Mr. N. T. Kuruvilla and as an extension of his business in Food Additives. A food technologist from India's premier institute of University Department of Chemical Technology he started manufacturing food additives and

over the last 25 years has developed a reputation for superior quality and excellent services. He commanded among his regular clients, the giants in the Indian Food Industry such as Britannia Industries Ltd. Parle Products Ltd. etc.

Deccan Colour and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. was started in 1997, and commenced production in 1998. The first product that was launched was a specialty food colour 'Brilliant Blue FCF' that was widely accepted in the international market. DCC quickly established a reputation for excellent quality and innovative products and which has now become the corner stone of DCC's policy of manufacturing specialty or niche food colours with internationally acceptable quality standards.

Within a short span of five years. DCC first under the leadership of Mr. N.T. Kuruvilla and subsequently under the leadership of Mr. N. Thomas Kuruvilla and Mr. Joseph Biju Kuruvilla, have successfully manufactured all the specialty food colours including Patent Blue V. Green S. etc, lakes of varying strengths as per customer specifications and customised blends.

DCC has now launched its range of D and C Colours that meet the CFR standards.

Today DCC counts among its satisfied clients most of the reputed manufacturers of food colours and blends and innumerable merchant exporters. Whatever be the product specification, Deccan Colour and Chemicals today has the ability to match it and assure you of uninterrupted service at economic prices. We hope that you will, if you already are not one, become another of our esteemed clients, truly satisfied with the quality of our products and of our service.

Manufacturer and Exporter of Colours ,dyes, Lakes, blends & other chemicals for applications in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care & ink industires
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