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It Is often difficult to achieve a desired shade of colour utilising solely the permitted food colour by itself. Also at times, the permitted colour might not be suitable for the process it has to undergo during manufacturing. In such cases, by mixing different colours an almost infinite variety of shades can be developed, suitable to almost all the varying requirements of our customers.
Sr. Blends Sr. Blends
1. Egg Yellow
15. Cinnamon
2. Lemon Yellow 16. Lime green
3. Pea Green 17. Mint green
4. Apple Green 18. Orange
5. Rose Pink 19. Black cherry
6. Strawberry Red 20. Tea, Root beer
7. Rasberry Red 21. Cola
8. Grape Purple 22. Butter scotch
9. Black Currant 23. Caramel
10. Chocolate Brown FCF 24. Peach
11. Food Black 25. Cheddar cheese
12. Pink 26. Chocolate
13. Strawberry 27. Chocolate brown
14. Black Licorice  

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