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Food Colours FD & C Name Indian Standard No. Colour Index No. E.E.C. No. Food Colour No. Colour Index Name Pure Dye Content (Dry Basis-Min)
Tartrazine Yellow 5169419140E-102Yellow-4Yellow 2390%
Sunset Yellow FCF Yellow 6169515985E-110Yellow 3---88%
Ponceau - 4R ---255816255E-124Red 7Red 1883%
Carmosine ---292314720E-122Red 3Red 1490%
Amaranth Red 2169616185E-123Red 9Red 2788%
Chocolate Brown HT ------20285E-155Brown 3---73%
Allura Red Red 40---16035E-129Red 17---87%
Fast Red E ---292416045---Red 4Red 1388%
Erythrosine Red 3169745430E-127Red 14Red 5188%
Brilliant Blue FCF Blue 1640642090E-133Blue 2Blue 989%
Indigo Carmine Blue 2---73015E-132Blue 1---87%
Patent Blue V ------42051E-131Blue 5---87%
Quinoline Yellow D&C 10---47005E-104Yellow 13---76%
Green S ------44090E-142Green 4---87%
Fast Green FCF ------42053---Green 3---87%
Black PN ------28440E-151Black 1---80%
Food Black 2 ------27755---Black 2---85%
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