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Our Food Colours are primarily used in :

  • Snack Products
  • Dry Mixes
     i) Cake Mixes
     ii) Drink Powders
     iii) Gelatin Desserts
     iv) Pudding Mixes
  • Baked Goods
  • Confections
  • Pet Foods
  • Packing Products
  • Dairy Products
  • Pharmaceutical Formulations
  • Cosmetic and Personal Products
  • Beverage and Wine Industry
  • Soft Drinks
  • Children's Crayons
  • Baby Toys
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Based on the varying characteristics such as solubility, effects of pH, light, oxidising and reducing agents, etc we various different pure, water soluble, high tinrcorial strength colours which are accepted colours for consumption.

Brilliant & Consistent Colour
Batch to Batch reproducibility


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Our Lakes are water insoluble pigmented food colours made by an unique manufacturing process which makes our lakes as highly adaptable and versatile.

Inert but versatile water insoluble products
Useful for numerous barrier, film and coating applications.


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To get the exact and desired shade for our customers, perfect mixing of different colours is done. There by becoming advantageous for various process.
Increased manufacturing efficiency
Desired Shade


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  D & C Colours

We have extensive colours for drugs and cosmetics. We strictly follow the extremely stringent D & C specifications as mentioned in the Code of Federal Register which make our colours extremely pure.

High Purity Levels
Used only for Drugs and Cosmetics


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Our Mono Acid Calcium Phosphate (MCP) colours are extensively used by biscuit manufacturers world over for its proven technical and nutritional advantages.

Makes dough Raised and spongy
Widely used by biscuit manufacturers world wide.


Manufacturer and Exporter of Colours ,dyes, Lakes, blends & other chemicals for applications in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care & ink industires
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